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2022 Summer Science Programs

Bergen County Academies is pleased to announce the return of its Summer Science programs, which include explorations (for students new to a subject) and research (for established research students). 


Physics Explorations  (See Program Information tab for more details)

  • Physics Explorations is designed to introduce students to experimental physics through hands-on activities in the Optics Lab with Dr. Dogru.

Independent Research (See Program Information tab for more details)

  • BCA students currently enrolled in nanotechnology research may apply to the Nanotechnology Research summer program with Dr. Kim.
  • BCA students currently enrolled in biology research, may apply to the Biology Research summer program or Cell Culture Boot Camp with Mrs. Waldron, Mr. Sabio, Ms. Baffo, or Dr. Smith.
  • BCA students currently enrolled in agriscience research, may apply to the Agriscience Research summer programwith Ms. Kennedy.


  • For the summer of 2022, all summer science programs are restricted to current BCA students ONLY (class of 2023-2025).


Registration for all programs will be open from Monday, April 18 - Friday, June 17

Physics Explorations: Monday, 6/27 - Friday, 7/8

Nanotechnology Research: Monday, 6/27 - Friday, 7/8 (Session 1) and Monday, 7/11 - Thursday, 7/21 (Session 2)

Biology Research: Monday, 6/27 - Thursday, 7/21 

Cell Culture Boot Camp: Monday, 6/27 - Friday, 7/8 (Session 1) and Monday, 7/11 - Thursday, 7/21 (Session 2)

Agriscience Research: Monday, 6/27 - Friday, 7/8 


  • FREE for 2022


Physics Explorations - Dr. Ozgur Dogru

Nanotechnology Research - Dr. Deok-Yang Kim

Biology Research and Cell Culture Boot Camp - Mrs. Alyssa Waldron, Mr. Sabio, Ms. Baffo, Dr. Smith

Agriscience Research - Ms. Kennedy