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2021 Summer Science Programs

Registration for BCA Summer Science Programs 2021 is NOW OPEN. Please see Application Information page.

Bergen County Academies is pleased to announce the return of its Summer Science programs, which include explorations (for students new to a subject) and research (for established research students). 

Physics Explorations  (See Program Information tab for more details)

  • Physics Explorations is designed to introduce students to experimental physics through hands-on activities in the Optics Lab with Dr. Dogru.

Independent Research (See Program Information tab for more details)

  • BCA students currently enrolled in nanotechnology research may apply to the Nanotechnology Research summer program with Dr. Kim.
  • BCA students currently enrolled in biology research, with an established research plan, may apply to the Biology Research summer program with Mrs. Waldron and Ms. Baffo.
  • BCA students currently enrolled in agriscience research may apply to the Agriscience Research summer program with Ms. Kennedy.


  • For the summer of 2021, all summer science programs are restricted to current BCA students ONLY (class of 2022-2024).

Physics Explorations: 06/28/21 - 07/09/21

 Nanotechnology Research: 06/28/21 - 07/22/21

 Independent Research in Biology: 06/28/21 - 07/22/21

 Independent Research in Agriscience: 06/23/21 - 07/02/21

Cost        ***All BCA Summer Research offerings will be FREE of charge to students for 2021***

  • 2-week programs: Physics Explorations, Agriscience & Biology Research
  •  4-week program: Nanotechnology Research


Physics Explorations - Dr. Ozgur Dogru

Nanotechnology Research - Dr. Deok-Yang Kim

Biology Research - Mrs. Alyssa Waldron, Ms. Patience Baffo

Agriscience Research - Ms. Clare Kennedy


Summer Science Program Coordinator - Mrs. Alyssa Waldron