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Introduction to Microscopy Elective (M/R, Mods 25-27)

16 Students Max      Open to all grade levels and Academies     1 Trimester

Looking for a science elective to set you apart…how about one that most high school (and even college) students aren’t able to take? Intro to microscopy gives you the unique opportunity to have hands on access to the electron microscopes. Microscopy is a growing field of study that uses the microscope as an analytical tool, with applications in medicine, cell biology, biomaterials, nanotechnology, engineering and many other disciplines.

Make the invisible world become visible in this lab-based course, open to all Academies and grade levels, and completely redesigned for the 2012-2013 school year. Intro to microscopy is designed around hands on lab activities, preparing and imaging samples that can only be seen with the electron microscopes, with few take home assignments. In this course you will learn how to use this technology to answer scientific questions and sharpen your scientific writing skills – great for science competitions! This course is also a pre-requisite to the independent research program.

How can a solution of gold have a red color; how can solutions of silver be blue or yellow? Sign up and use the transmission electron microscope to find out.

Nano-Structure Imaging Project (W, Mods 4-9)
12 Students Max      Open to all grade levels and Academies     1 Trimester

The nano-imaging project will be an in-depth, hands on experience with the instruments found in the CSBL. Each trimester of the project will focus on a different microscope (light/LSCM, SEM, & TEM) and the theory behind how each works, the sample preparation involved in getting samples ready to image, and many of the advanced imaging techniques associated with each microscope.


 Biology (M,T,R,F Mods 1-3)

20 Students Max      Core course - Freshman (ABFIB & AMST)     Year-long