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 Prerequisites to research in the CSBL

  • Student can be in grades 9 through first trimester 11
  • Student can be enrolled in ANY Academy
  • Student project must contain an imaging component


Prerequisite Courses:

  • Introduction to Microscopy Elective


  • Topics in Science and Research (Microscopy Component)
    • Required course for all AAST freshman begining September 2014

Beginning Research 

  • Enrolling:
    • After successful completion of the research elective, students will enroll in research with the guidance office and sign the Research Contract. Students are required to sign up for a minimum of 6 mods (2 hours) per week for research, however, more than 6 mods per week may be necessary in a given week to complete all research work. 
  • Project Development (Approx. 1 trimester):
    • Students will begin their research by developing their research project. This will require students to spend their time in the lab discussing interests with mentors, looking at examples of projects currently going on in BCA Research, and consulting the primary literature. Primary literature will be the main source of information for students regarding the current state of research in their desired field.
    • A written research proposal or abstract is expected by students by the end of the first trimester of research. In addition, a list of chemicals or supplies not in stock in the labs will be required. 
  • Student Training:
    • After successfully developing a research proposal, students will begin training with instruments such as the electron microscopes, or will begin learning necessary techniques, such as sterile technique for cell culture. 

Research Expectations

  • Fairs & Competitions (Sophomores - Seniors):
  • Senior Year Science Scholarship Competitions:
  • Publication (Seniors):
    • Should a students body of work and experimental results merit, students are encouraged to attempt publication via peer-reviewed journal submission or submission to conference proceedings. Students in this lab specifically are encouraged to attempt publication to the annual Microscopy and Microanalysis conference.