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Full Papers:


 Student Short Papers & Posters in Microscopy & Microanalysis:

  • K. Chew, et al., "Treatment of Influenza-Induced Acute Lung Injury with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles using an Ischemic-Reperfusion Model." Microsc Microanal 21(Suppl 3), 233-234, 2015.   Paper     Poster
  • D. Heller, et al., "Photosynthetic Algae-Insulinoma Cell Fusion Creating Self-Sustaining Insulin Producer." Microsc Microanal 20(Suppl 3), 1396-1397, 2014.   Paper     Poster
  • D. Batarseh, et al., "A Novel Method to Manipulate Osteoblastic Differentiation." Microsc Microanal 20(Suppl 3), 1432-1433, 2014.   Paper     Poster
  • J. Meier, et al., "The Missing Genome: Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Stem Cells." Microsc Microanal 19(Suppl 2), 24-25, 2013. Paper     Poster
  • M. Guo, et al., "Novel Mechanisms for Resveratrol and Metformin: Implications in Alzheimer's Disease." Microsc Microanal 19(Suppl 2), 248-249, 2013.   Paper     Poster
  • P. Patel, et al., "The Effect of 17-β-estradiol on Cellular Proliferation Mediated by Protein Disulfide Isomerase and the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR)." Microsc Microanal 19(Suppl 2), 286-287, 2013.  Paper     Poster
  • Y. Esquilin, et al., "mtDNA Migration and the Role of Exosomes in Horizontal Gene Transfer." Microsc Microanal 18(Suppl 2), 286-287, 2012. Paper     Poster
  • G. Iwaoka, et al., "Investigating UBM Degradation Products as a Possible Therapeutic Treatment for Regenerative Medicine using a P19 Cell Model." Microsc Microanal 18(Suppl 2), 284-285, 2012.  Paper     Poster 
  • E. Dente, et al., "The Benzoin-Based Complex: A New Frontier for Skin Repair." Microsc Microanal 18(Suppl 2), 288-289, 2012.  Paper     Poster 
  • Y. Park, et al., "Anti-aggregation Potential of Sugars against Strepococcus mutans in co-culture with Lactobacillus rhamnosus." Microsc Microanal 18(Suppl 2), 24-25, 2012.  Paper     Poster
  • N. Ramani, A. Paez, et al., "Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa: A Novel Phytomining Plant." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 342-343, 2011.  Paper     Poster
  • L. Aizman, D. Hantman, et al., "X-ray Microanalysis as a Tool for Analyzing Stem Cell Differentiation." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 318-319, 2011.  Paper     Poster
  • S. Rastogi, et al., "A Novel Intracellular Target for Anti-Allergic Medications." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 310-311, 2011.  Paper  Poster
  • J. Obayemi, et al., "Erythropoietin and Breast Cancer Progression: An in vitro Study." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 302-303, 2011.  Paper     Poster
  • J. Choi, et al., "Encapsulation of Paclitaxel with Glycol Chitosan Nanoaggregates for in vitro Drug Delivery." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 312-313, 2011.  Paper     Poster 
  • A. Maydanov, et al., "Investigation of Astrocyte Cell Growth on Metal, Semi-conductor and Insulator Surfaces." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 158-159, 2011.   
  • W. I. Lee, R. Golnabi, et al., "Effects of Ion Current on the Morphology of Focused Ion Beam Milled Patterns on a Single Crystalline Diamond." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 698-699, 2011.  
  • K. Ward, M. Chun, et al., "A Novel Method of Resin-Embedding Thin, Flexible Polymer Films for TEM Sectioning." Microsc Microanal 16(Suppl 2), 712-713, 2010.  Paper     Poster
  • K. Khan, et al. "A Correlative Microscopy Study of the Nanostructured Surface of Lotus Leaf." Microsc Microanal 16(Suppl 2), 1178-1179, 2010. Paper     Poster
  • A. Paez, N. Ramani, et al. "Primary Particle Size Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Optical Spectroscopy." Micros Microanal 16(Suppl 2), 1686-1687, 2010.  Paper     Poster
  • A. Villena, et al., "Possible Skin Fragment Evidence is Found in Incomplete Fingerprints." Microsc Microanal 15(Suppl 2), 620-621, 2009.  Paper     Poster
  • A. Halat, et al., "The Varying Fine Structure and Chemical Composition of Human Hair." Microsc Microanal 15(Suppl 2), 366-367, 2009.  


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