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Biotechnology I   -   All Trimesters   -   W, 1-9    

20 Students Max      Open to grade 10 AMST 

Medical Forensics   -   Trimesters 2 and 3   -   T-F    
16 Students Max      Open to all grades 

Medical professionals who specialize in forensics serve as liaisons between the law and medical science. With the undisputed role of forensic medicine in the courtroom, this course is designed to introduce the student to the practices of a forensic scientist whose background is founded in the activities of a medical professional.  The course will include laboratory activities, lecture and video. Topics range from biochemical forensic analysis, forensic toxicology, anatomical forensics, as well as methods for collecting biological evidence.  


Zoology   -   Trimester 3   -   M-Th    
16 Students Max      Open to grades 10-12 (Required AMST)

The course provides a concise introduction to the field of animal biology covering general principles of evolution, ecology, classification, systematics, and animal body plans. Basic features of various groups are discussed, along with evolutionary relationships among group members. Dissection is a major component of the curriculum. 

*Research in Cell Biology and Medical Science   -   
Trimesters 1 and 2   -   M-Th
16 Students Max (requires pre-approval by Ms. Leonardi)    Open to grades 10-11

This course is designed for those students who would like to explore their interest in cellular biology research. Various technical skills are addressed in this hands-on elective including assays for the determination of cell viability, protein quantification, RTPCR, cell culture, and basic statistical analysis. A potential research proposal is part of the curriculum.

Biology Research   -   All trimesters  
Open to grades 10-12

This course is designed for those students who have a passion for cellular and molecular biology research. Project descriptions vary and curriculum is differentiated to suit the level of technical skill and interest of the individual research student.  

* Denotes Research Pre-requisite Course