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Foundations of Nanotechnology (Research Pre-requisite)
The foundation of nanotechnology is an elective course detailing fundamentals and applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The course is designed to introduce interesting new properties in the nanoscale and interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology. It is one of the pre-requisite for independent chemistry/nanotechnology research.

Students will be exposed to real life examples of nanotechnology, nanoscale properties, bandgap theory, nanocharacterization, nanofabrication, nanomaterials and applications of nanotechnology. Each unit comes with simple demonstrations such as lotus leaf superhydrophobicity, electrical measurements, etc. Assessments will include research idea development, lab worksheet, and tests.

One of the lab projects for this course is to synthesize gold or silver nanoparticles. Students will learn the basic chemistry behind the synthesis, physical property change depending on the sizes of nanoparticles as well as practical applications of nanoparticles.

Pre-requisite : Two trimesters of Chemistry or Teacher's approval.

Nanoscale Material Science

Nanoscale Materials Science is an elective course designed for students who have already completed Foundations of Nanotechnology. It is primarily intended for students planning to participate in science competitions, but would be a useful course for any students that wants to understand/evaluate complex nano-related scientific information and make rational conclusions. Materials science is an interdisciplinary scientific domain entailing the understanding of properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and technology such as applied physics, chemistry, as well as chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Students will investigate the correlationship between the structure of materials at their atomic scales and their nanoscopic properties by performing case studies and laboratory experimentations. Assessments will be based on the achievement of research presentation skills as well as content knowledge given during class.

Advanced Chemistry