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Medical Microbiology   -   Trimester 1   -   T-F
25 Students Max     Open to all grades

The Medical Microbiology course will investigate the human immune system and how it responds to bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and other invading pathogens. The general goal of the Medical Microbiology course is to introduce immunological, microbiological and clinical realism leading to understanding of the elements necessary for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Students will develop skills for the investigation of clinical cases addressing questions related to disease, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and prevention through analysis of case presentations.  An understanding of how microbes interact with humans will assist some students in selecting research projects in the Bioresearch program. 


Developmental Biology   -   Trimester 1   -    T-F
25 Students Max      Open to all grades

The overall goal of the Developmental Biology Program is to enable a student to learn about the process of development from a single cell, through various developmental stages to the final emergence of a complex multicellular organism, and the potential medical implications of being able to manipulate and control this process.  Students will learn how to utilize the developmental process to ask research questions which could be expanded and refined to become research projects that incorporate the use of embryonic stem cells and related materials.  


Research Virology and Gene Therapy   -   Trimester 3   -   M-Th     
25 Students Max      Open to all grades

The ongoing development of gene therapy draws from many disciplines, including virology, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, immunology, biochemistry, physiology, chemistry, biophysics, molecular imaging, cellular biology, microbiology,pharmacology, and toxicology. This course includes topics in each of these areas to enhance the basic view of what gene therapy and gene transfer involve. The student will learn and understand the current status of gene therapy and how these diverse disciplines contribute to this field.  All major types of vector involved in modern clinical trials are covered, along with the process of designing, producing, purifying and delivering them to patients.


Entrepreneurial Science Project   -   Full Year Project   -   W    
25 Students Max      Open to grades 10-11

Academy students create a biotechnology start-up company, learning how to brainstorm product ideas, develop the product, manufacture the product according to federal regulations, secure financing, perform a clinical trial, and bring the product to market.   Students with an interest in biotechnology will have the opportunity to perform real background research and development on a potential product for this virtual biotech company.  An end of year culmination is a presentation to a board of industry experts at a biotech incubator.  


*Research Applications in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Res Mol)   -   Trimesters 1 and 2   -   M-Th
25 Students Max (requires pre-approval by Dr. Pergolizzi)    Open to grades 10-11

Research Applications in Molecular Biology and Genetics is an elective course for students who have completed basic biology. It is intended
primarily for those students seeking to compete in science project and scholarship competitions, but would be a useful course for any student
that wants to improve their capacity to think logically and to come to rational decisions based on an evaluation of available information. 
This course meets approximately 2 hours per week (3 mods, twice a week). The overall focus of the course is to developed an understanding
of how to think experimentally; in other words, how to identify feasible and meaningful research topics, how to formulate hypotheses, how to
identify and prevent spurious and artifactual conclusions, and how scientific results are communicated. This course explores communication topics
in verbal, written, and visual modes, including oral presentation preparation and delivery, research paper organization and writing, and science
poster design and construction.  The use of statistics to design and support experiments will be strongly emphasized. Examples from the literature
will be used to demonstrate the successes and abuses of the scientific review and publication process.  


Research   -   All trimesters  
Open to grades 10-12

The unique Bioresearch program at BCA, open to students from all academies, gives aspiring your researchers the opportunity to develop a research project based on their personal interests.  Students at other high schools may have the opportunity to do research internships at cooperating professional labs, only students in the BCA program can pursue their research interests internally, adjusted to the whims and vagaries of their individual schedules.  BCA students have access to the latest scientific equipment to pursue their studies, and get to work in the Stem Cell and Biotechnology Labs.


* Denotes Research Pre-requisite Course