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Student Awards and Accolades

Intel Science Talent Search (STS)

(2015)  Mark Sabini & Tracy Wan - Semifinalist
 Julie Chong, Paul Kim & Michael Knyszek - Semifinalists

North Jersey Regional Science Fair (NJRSF)

(2014-15) Tracy Wan; Eugene Kim; Christopher Oh; Mark Sabini 
Isabella Grabski (ISEF semifinalist); Kellie Heom; Olivia Park & Adam Berry; James Lee

Young Science Achievers Program Research Grant Award Winners

(2014-15)  Adwoa Bonsu & Christina Chi
 Shannon Oscher, Soohee Lee, and Tracy Wan 
(2012-13)  Adam Berry & Olivia Park; Ryan Lee & Irene Chang; James Lee & Shannon Oscher; Alex Catoya, Sung-Ho Lee, Eugene Lim, & Tracy Wan
(2011-12)  Nicholas D'Angelo & Isabella Grabski; Mugdha Walke & Kellie Heom; Marina Morrow & Karine Liu; &  Theresa Regetz
(2010-11)  Rebecca Ren, Julie Chong, Mark Aksen, Sarah Boutom, Paul Kim, Leah Okrainsky, Anna Bold, and Kana Yamagiwa & Andrew Frenkel
(2009-10)  Anastasia Maydanov

Material Research Society Fall Meeting - Poster Presentations

(2013-14) - Isabella Grabski
(2012-13) - Paul Kim
(2011-12) - Rustin Golnabi
(2010-11)Won-Ik Lee, Rustin Golnabi



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  • R. Golnabi, W.I. Lee, et al. “Focused Ion Beam Milling of Crystalline Diamonds.” Mater Res Soc Symp Proc 1282:111-116, 2011.  Article
  • A. Maydanov, et al., "Investigation of Astrocyte Cell Growth on Metal, Semi-conductor and Insulator Surfaces." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 158-159, 2011.  Abstract 
  • W. I. Lee, R. Golnabi, et al., "Effects of Ion Current on the Morphology of Focused Ion Beam Milled Patterns on a Single Crystalline Diamond." Microsc Microanal 17(Suppl 2), 698-699, 2011.  Abstract