Congratulations Varun Kumar on being named Regeneron STS Finalist 2019!

Congratulations to six of...

Congratulations to two of our BCA Research Seniors from the Class of 2018, who were made ...

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The BCA Research Mission

The Mission of BCA Research is to expose students to scientific inquiry, research and instrumentation, and to provide transferable, first-hand experiences with the techniques, practices and perspectives of professional scientists.  By expanding the capabilities and context of secondary science education, we believe that students will be better equipped for, and more likely to pursue leadership positions in science, scientific research and global-scale problem solving.

BCA Research would like to thank the following groups for their enduring support of the program:

Bergen County Technical Schools Board of Education

Raymond Hryczyk., President
Lawrence Meyerson, Vice President

William J. Meisner, Ed. D
Jason Kim
Joseph Zarra, Interim Executive County Superintendent

Bergen County Technical Schools District Administration

Dr. Howard Lerner, Superintendent
John Susino, Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Andrea Sheridan, Assistant Superintendent
Richard Panicucci, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Gary Hall, Coordinator of Human Resources

Bergen County Executive
James J. Tedesco III

Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Germaine M. Ortiz, Chairwoman
Mary J. Omoroso, Vice-Chairwoman
Dr. Joan M. Voss, Chair Pro Tempore
David L. Ganz
Tracy S. Zur
Steven A. Tanelli