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Student Awards & Accolades

Intel STS

(2015)  Yewoon Choi - Semifinalist
  Joshua Meier - Top 10 - 4th Place ($40,000 Scholarship Award Winner)   Article
             Joshua Meier - Finalist
             David Heller & Joshua Meier - Semifinalists
(2010)  Dennis London - Finalist
Judith Ginda Savitskaya

Siemens Competition

(2014)  Katherine Chew, Esther Choi & Emily Trimm - Semifinalists
Joshua Meier - National Finalist - 3rd Place ($40,000 Scholarship Award Winner)
            Serena Tharakan & Jenna DiRito - 
Regional Finalists
(2011) Won-Ik Lee & Hong Joon Park - Semifinalists

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

(2014)  Joshua Meier - Best in Category and 1st Place Cellular and Molecular Biology; Special Awards    Awards
             Jenna DiRito and Serena Tharakan - 2nd Place Medicine
(2012)   Joshua Meier - 2nd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology 
(2011)  Won-Ik Lee & Hong Joon Park - Fourth Place Cellular and Molecular Biology; U.S. Air Force Second Team Award
(2010)  Thomas Silver - 1st Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Google Science Fair

(2012)   Joshua Meier - Regional Semi-finalist


North Jersey Regional Science Fair (NJRSF)

(2014-15) Rachel Gleyzer; Patricia Perfect; Beatrice Lee; Christina Rymond; Stacy Chung; Heejae Chung
Joshua Meier (ISEF Finalist); Jenna DiRito & Serena Tharakan (Team ISEF Finalists); Katherine Chew; Rachel Gleyser; Arianna Martino; Nicole Eskow; Ankitha Radakrishnan; Sneha Kabaria; Justin Trout; Eric Kim; Stacy Chung

Young Science Achievers Program Student Scholar Winners

(2013-14)  Serena Tharakan & Jenna DiRito - 1st place         
                  Serena Tharakan & Jenna DiRito, Matthew Korst & Nicholas Haas, Akshay Swaminathan & Anthony Xu
(2012-13)  Jenny Mu

New Jersey Academy of Science Annual Meeting 

(2015) Cell and Molecular Biology Category: 3rd - Dian Babu; Engineering Category - 3rd - Beatrice Lee; Health & Medicine I: 3rd - Rachel Gleyzer.



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